Welcome to Hencle's Berry Patch

June 26, 2019

Gooseberries and Garlic Scapes are ready now! DON'T WAIT!

REMEMBER that the Stand is still NOT open yet. Please call 315-635-6942 to arrange a visit.

NOTE: Strawberries are no longer available!

What can I use to pick berries in? Should I bring my own containers?
We supply you with buckets to pick your berries in. However, you will need something to take them home in--so you may buy containers from us or you may bring your own containers.

Hencle's Berry Patch has served the Syracuse area as a U-PICK berry patch for many years. It has always been a family-owned operation and continues to serve you every year.

Produce in Season

May - June

Garlic Scapes
Late June

Late June

Summer Red Raspberries and Black Raspberries
Late June - Late July

Red and Green Gooseberries
Late June - Early July

Red and Black Currants

July - October